In one simple phrase, our slogan clearly reveals that Jesus Christ is the focus, the mission, vision, and purpose for which Crossroads Christian Assembly was established.

The slogan, “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” briefly summarizes what every believer in Christ should seek to accomplish. Touching Heaven denotes a vertical movement of reaching upward to God. This vital relationship can best be developed by offering Him our praise, worship, and daily communion.  Touching Earth is horizontal. Experiencing a divine touch from above inspires us to reach outward to our brothers and sisters in Christ through fellowship, discipleship, and ministry. But it must not stop there. We must touch those who have never met Him by proclaiming the Good News about Jesus in our community, nation, and all over the earth (Luke 9:23, Matthew 28:16-20). To help our members accomplish these lofty goals, we must teach them to: celebrate Christ, connect with others, and care for others.

How We Celebrate

Our deepest passion is to celebrate the Lord. It has been said, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." When our church family gathers to sing, pray, and express our gratitude and devotion, His holy presence seems to connect with our spirits in a loving embrace. Learning to interact with Him is our highest joy!

How We Connect

After feeling His touch, the most natural response is to reach across the aisle to someone who needs comfort or encouragement. We touch individuals best by ministering to each other and fellowshipping in small group settings.

How We Care

A wonderful feeling of satisfaction comes from touching a person who is beyond our church walls. Thus, our joy is complete in finding creative ways to introduce Christ—in our own community, nation, and around the world.